To Do List…

My to do list for the first phase of the Sportster Project. Phase one being getting her in good running order. Some of these things don’t necessarily need to be done, but since I am already into it they are going to get done. Get her running solid and then I can work on making her look bad ass.

The to do list is scribbled on one of my magnetic whiteboards (these things are handy) in the garage.

The numbers are the order of priority I have assigned but I am sure I’ll jump around a bit. The to do list is probably actually a bit bigger but this should help me stay on task and not get too far ahead of myself (hopefully).

  • Carb Rebuild (Completed this already – should be good to go)
  • Oil Lines (Couple of them are in bad shape, going to replace them all)
  • Battery Cables
  • Intake Manifold (Just cleaning it up and replacing the gaskets)
  • Oil Tank (This is cosmetic, the chrome one is ugly)
  • Primary Chain/Cover
  • Clutch (This is a since I am in there – better now than it go bad after a couple hundred miles)
  • Wiring Harness (The wiring is a mess)
  • Coil (Coil is fine, just want to relocate it to the stock location)
  • Exhaust Gaskets
  • Isolation Mounts (On the Oil Tank and Battery tray, the ones there have been on there since 1990)
  • Headlight (I absolutely hate the headlight currently on it)
  • Test Stator (Since I am in there I may just replace it – we will see)

Sure there will be more to tackle, but this is a start.

Getting ready to get started on the Primary, clutch, and associated parts and pieces.

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