Preparing to Start…

Just a quick checklist of things I need to finish up to try and get the Sporty started, maybe this weekend.

  1. Lock down front sprocket nut
  2. Lock down transmission sprocket nut
  3. Button up Primary – Have to pick up an o-ring for the drain plug, you would think that would come in the gasket kit, but nope.
  4. Primary fluid
  5. Adjust clutch
  6. Add engine oil – prime oil pump
  7. Install carburetor
  8. Mount exhaust
  9. Install spark plugs and spark plug wires
  10. Install battery
  11. Mount gas tank – put some gas in it.
  12. Give everything a good once or twice over.
  13. Hit the button!

Seems like a lot, but I should be able to work through this list over the next couple of evenings and on Saturday. I have all the parts and pieces I need (except the primary drain plug o-ring) to try to bring her to life.

Hoping to be ready fire her up Saturday afternoon or Sunday.

Fingers crossed.

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