So Close…

Sandy and I did some work on the Sporty over the weekend. Primary is all put together. Carburetor and such is mounted. When we hit the button she turns over, even fires a few times, but will not start. Couple of times I really thought she was going to go, but 🙁

Got the primary all buttoned up.

Primary chain and clutch are adjusted.

Carburetor is mounted. I am using the CV carb I had from my ’92 Heritage which was replaced with an S&S some time ago. It is pretty much the same but in much better shape than the carb which was on the Sporty. It has been cleaned up and rebuilt.

All good there. When we get her running I’ll install the support bracket and air cleaner.

Found out I had the high beam and low beam wired up backwards, so fixed that.

We tried several times to get her started. Couple of times I thought she was going to come to life, but nope. I seem to be getting good spark and gas seems to be flowing. So unfortunately it looks like there may be something else that is off.

Going to take the good here. She turns over, she is making a spark, and the oil system is getting enough pressure to make the oil light go out. So getting closer. Since we have spark I am guessing the ignition module and coil are OK. I’ll run through the steps in the service manual to check them out.

I’ll get it figured out but if anyone has any ideas what to check or what else could be causing an issue would appreciate any help. (Yes there is gas in the tank and the gas is on)

2 thoughts on “So Close…

    1. Ralph,

      It ended up being the ignition module was bad. All sorted out now and it is running and riding!!!

      The carb did also required tuning since I replaced the stock air cleaner.

      Thanks for the tip and for stopping by.


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