A few weeks ago I started a new gig and have been traveling a fair bit during the week. I have not had as much time to work on the Sportster project but still tinkering and making progress. Have taken a ride in the neighborhood, but not out on the road yet… that will be coming soon.

Was having some trouble with keeping her running at idle.

I went through the carb again and replaced the pilot jet. The current set up is:

Pilot jet = 45
Main jet = 185

Not sure if I have things quite right yet, but she does run without having to have the choke wide open.

The new speedometer is mounted and looks great. Wired in the lights for the speedometer.

Officer: Do you know how fast you were going?
Me: Yes, yes I do.

I went to the DMV a couple days ago to pick up plates for the Sporty. The place was packed and I couldn’t wait all day, so I’ll try again another day. (I hate going to the DMV).

Bayside Harley Davidson in Portsmouth is having a swap meet on June 24. I plan on setting up there to try to get rid of some of the parts and such I have accumulated with this project (and others in the past). Lots of Softail and Sportster stuff. I am sure I have some stuff that could be useful to someone working on a project.

Keep on keeping on…

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