I am traveling for work right now and am not able to work on the Sportster project, but doing a little research while sitting in the hotel. The Sporty is running well, but there are a few issues I still need to take care of. She leaks pretty good from the tappet guides and lower pushrod covers. The oil pump is also leaking.

The next things to do on the project list is to address these leaks. I plan to replace the o-rings and gaskets associated with the tappet guides, pushrods, and oil pump. I’ll have the rocker covers off for this so will have a look at things while I have them off. Using my down time on the road to read through the repair manual and document torque values and such.

Just before I left for this work trip I got the lift set up in the garage. It is AWESOME! I’ll post some more info on it and some pics and such soon. Here is one of the Sportster up on the lift in the garage.

Lots of summer stuff going on. Traveling a lot for work, have some vacation coming up, time with the family, and just general summer stuff (lawn work, ugh, and the like) so I have not had a lot of time to tinker on the Sporty project. Enjoying the summer and having a blast at work but looking forward to getting back into the project. It will probably be late August before things slow down and I have the chance to turn a wrench on her again.

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