Wrist Pins Pulled…

Needed a tool to remove the piston wrist pins. The service manual says the pins are loose fit and should push out once the clips are removed, this was not so. Ordered this piston pin puller from Amazon and it got the job done.

The piston pin puller is pretty much just a threaded rod through a pipe with a nut on the end to pull the wrist pin out of the piston.

Simple tool, probably could have made one with a trip to the hardware store but it was inexpensive and is a new tool in the box.

The wrist pin is easily pulled from the piston using the puller and the piston is removed from the crank.


Top-end disassembly is nearly complete. Still need to remove the valves from the heads. Then I’ll get everything cleaned up and figure out what I need to start putting it back together.

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