Tank mounts… Mounted!

The Sportster style gas tank which came with my roller kit mounts to the frame from the underside and included a mounting kit. The tank mounting kit contained rubber grommets for vibration isolation, bolts, washers, spacers, and two 1/4″ steel mounts which needed to be cut to fit and then welded to the frame.

For how I want to mount the tank, the rear mount had to be cut to fit to the 1 1/2″ frame backbone and the front mount had to be cut to fit the 1 1/4″ tube. Basically found the center of the mount, then halved the distance for the tube each side of center, and then cut it with a hacksaw.

Not sure why the mounts were powered coated (maybe to keep them from rusting, I guess) since they are meant to be cut and welded, I had to clean most of the powder coating off. I used the center cuts from the mounts to do a few practice welds before I started working on welding the mounts to the frame.

After getting everything cut, I test fit the mounts and tank. Had to do a little bit of grinding on the bench grinder to dial in the fit.

Cleaned up all the mounts to get them ready to tack weld to the frame.

Once I had everything where I wanted it, I tacked the mounts to the frame while the gas tank was mounted, this helped hold everything in place.
Tacking the tank mounts to the frame
I tacked them on from underneath, which was a bit of a challenge. I should have practiced working from that angle a bit more, but it got done. I worked carefully letting things cool after each tack, trying to not let things get too hot and melt the rubber grommets in the mounts. Only on one of them did I smell the rubber get a little hot.

Once I had all the mounts tacked to the frame, I removed the tank, removed the rubber grommets from the mounts, and finished welding the mounts to the frame.
Tank mounts welded to the frame
All four mounts are welded to the frame, replaced the rubber grommets and spacers.
Tank mounts
Pretty happy with the welds, have a little clean up to do, but I think they look pretty good (if I do say so myself). When I pull everything apart I’ll clean up the tack welds and run a bead under the mounts as well.

The tank is mounted!
Gas tank mounted on the frame.

I did get a new set of bars, 10″ ape hangers. Definitely more the look I wanted. The drag bars looked OK, but these look better IMHO. It’s starting to look like a motorcycle.
Starting to look like a motorcycle.
I was terrified to weld the mounts to the frame, but I am happy with the results. Fear overcome.

Need to get the rear fender right, then I can mock up the transmission, final drive, motor, and primary. Getting there…

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