Bar Change…

Notice in the site description it says “Trials and Tribulations” well I tried out (Trials) the straight drag bars and I think they look great on the 1990 Sportster Project. In practice though they are pretty uncomfortable (Tribulation) when riding. So I decided to change them out with a set of “scrambler” bars I picked up from Lowbrow Customs.

The TC Bros. drag bars look great on the Sportster but they have no rise and very little pull back (2″) so I am hunched forward when I ride and it quickly becomes uncomfortable.

The scrambler bars I picked up from Lowbrow Customs have a 5″ rise and 4″ pull back (link to an article which explains what this means if you are interested) which makes the riding position sitting up a little straighter which is a bit more comfortable for me and they still look great on the bike.

Pretty easy to switch them out since I had plenty of room in the wiring and cables.

Still not going to be a long haul bike, at least not for me… it is too small, but the rise and pull back in the new bars makes the ride more comfortable while still maintaining the look I want.

Great Handlebars and Controls 101 video from Todd (this guy’s videos are great) at Lowbrow Customs.

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