EVO Chain Final Drive…

Hot outside yesterday afternoon but after work I did a bit of tinkering and made some more progress. I decided to do a chain final drive on the 1992 EVO project. I know, I know… more maintenance, mess, etc… Yeah I get that but I really like the look of a final chain drive and the o-ring chain does not really require that much more maintenance. I put a final chain drive on the 1990 Sportster project as well. I am going with a belt primary drive, again mostly cause, like the final chain drive, I like the look. Also got the starter tightened down, the starter gear on, and the oil lines hooked up.

Measured the chain on the bike and marked the link that needed to be removed to get the right length.
Marked chain link to cut
Used an angle grinder to grind off the rivets on the link I need to remove and knocked it out with a hammer and punch.
Used the grinder to grind down the rivets in the chain link to remove.
With the chain cut to the right length, installed it on the sprockets and installed the master link.
Final Chain Drive - Transmission Sprocket, Wheel Sprocket
Mounted the primary drive back plate and slipped on the pulleys just to make sure everything lines up right. Went ahead and installed the starter gear.

Everything lines up and it looks pretty slick. I adjusted out the slack in the chain, I still have about an inch (maybe a little more) of adjustment in the rear axle. I could probably remove one more link, but everything is lined up so going to leave it like it is for now.

Checked the fit and alignment of the primary belt. All looks good.
Primary belt drive
Still have to lock everything down, but want to check everything real good. I would rather not have to take things apart again after I get them torqued down, so double (and triple) checking everything.

The oil lines are hooked up. Nothing fancy here, just some 3/8″ oil lines routed where they are suppose to go (I think) and secured with hose clamps.
Oil lines
I gotta figure out something for the oil tank drain. The oil tank just came with a plug for the drain hole, going to have to find a fitting for it so I can add a drain hose, otherwise oil changes are going to be a f’ing mess.

Have a lot going on the next couple weekends so other than some tinkering after work I probably won’t make much more progress over the next couple weeks. Next few things to do are get the primary locked down, clutch installed, static timing, carb on, pipes (still need to order), add oil and oil filter, and then I think I’ll be ready to try to fire her up!!!

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