Hot pipes and a few other odds and ends…

Had a couple of hours last night after work so I tinkered a bit and made some more progress towards making her run. Belt drive primary is on, exhaust is on, carburetor is on, transmission is buttoned up, most of the wiring is done… I have a few more odds and ends to take care of, then I can add oil, and then I should be able to cross my fingers and hit the start button… and she’ll run.

Got the belt drive primary on with the clutch installed and everything torqued to specs.
Belt Drive Primary
Man I really like the look of an open belt primary 🙂 Still need to add the trim pieces but I’ll do that after she starts (in case I have to tear it apart – man I hope I don’t have to tear it apart).

Hooked up the clutch cable and finished buttoning up the transmission. Other than adjusting the clutch (when I get the controls) I just need to add fluid and it should be good to go.

The cheap inexpensive 2 into 1 exhaust I ordered from americanclassicmotors seems to be pretty well made and looks great. As always the folks at americanclassicmotors were very helpful, gave me a great deal, and shipped them out quick. I wanted black, but this cheap inexpensive set was not made in black, so I will probably end up wrapping them, but for now they are mounted up.
2 into 1 Pipes

I picked up a Gasbox CV Choke mount from Lowbrow Customs. This allows the choke to be relocated to the top of the carburetor. The CV Carb I picked up on eBay a while back has been rebuilt, mounted, and looks great.
Carb Choke Bracket

I also picked up a black 5-3/4 inch diameter bottom mount halogen headlight from Lowbrow. Got it mounted up but have not wired it in yet.

Progress is slow but getting a little closer every time I have a chance to tinker on it… My granddaughter will be with us this weekend so I’ll have a little help.

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