Just some tinkering…

Had a busy weekend so only did a little tinkering on the 1992 project. The throttle cables and grips were delivered early last week and the hand controls were delivered on Friday. My granddaughter was with us over the weekend so she helped me a bit in the garage on Saturday night. Even though I did not get a lot done, every bit of progress gets me a little closer to riding down the road. Plus it’s fun to hang with the granddaughter and watch here tinker with things.

Got the clutch cable hooked up to the new hand controls and adjusted. I did have some help with the adjustment 🙂
Granddaughter helping get the clutch adjusted.
The left side hand controls are mounted. Also mounted the speedometer to the bars.
Left hand controls
Really like the AVON old school coke bottle grips, I used these on the Sportster as well. Switches are not wired into the harness yet, but I did crimp all the terminal connectors. Will get the wiring done when I get the right side hand controls on.

Unfortunately the throttle cables I ordered are wrong. Well they are right, but they are too long. I had ordered the cables 8″ over stock. Not sure where I messed up my measurements, but they were way too long. I reordered 2″ over stock cables which should be here later this week. I won’t be mounting up the right side hand controls until after I get the throttle cables.

Also mounted up the passenger foot pegs. Used 1 1/4″ engine guard foot peg mount brackets and a set of old Harley Davidson foot pegs which use to be on my Heritage.
Harley Davidson Passenger Pegs
Looks pretty good.

I should have some time over the 4th of July holiday to get the right side hand controls on (as long as the throttle cables get here) and finish up the wiring. Then it is just foot controls, brake lines, tightening up some odds and ends, and riding her down the road.

Another picture of my granddaughter working on things… cause cute 🙂
Granddaughter working on the motorcycle.
Best helper ever!

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