Handlebars and controls…

Happy 4th!!! Man was it hot out in the garage yesterday afternoon. UPS showed up with the new, correct length, idle and throttle cables I ordered so after work I did a bit of tinkering on the project. The handlebars and controls are wired up and all the cables are hooked up and adjusted. Finished up the rest of the wiring.

The throttle cable and idle cable are hooked up, and the length is much better.
Hand controls and switches.
The original cables would have worked but they were just way too long. The Black Avon Grips Old School Coke Bottle Grips are nothing special, but I think they are comfortable and they look cool.

With the throttle cable and idle cable hooked up to the carb, I went ahead and installed the air cleaner cover I picked up from Lowbrow Customs.
Lowbrow Customs Air Cleaner Cover

Headlight is also wired up and… wait for it… wait… it works! Both the low beam and high beam.
Headlight - 1992 Evo Project
Brake light also works!!! I wired up everything for turn signals, but not going to run them… everything is there if I change my mind.

With everything wired up and tested I put the gas tank back on. Of course after all of this I couldn’t resist firing her up again. Turned on the gas, opened the choke, turned the ignition key on, set the switch to run, hit the start button… and she fired right up!

She looks great all put together…

Going to order the foot controls, front brakes, and brake lines next week, so… Not long now till we get her going down the road… I hope.

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