Primary Work…

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year. Did some tinkering here and there over the holidays so just a quick update. Got the primary and starter mostly put back together. Still waiting on the clutch cable to button it all up.

Cleaned up the clutch plate and hub. The clutch plates looked to still have plenty of life in them so they are going back in. I did replace the stator since it is so hard to get to on the 86-90 Sportsters. Replace the primary chain tensioner shoe since the old one was well worn. Seems to be plenty of life left in the chain so it stays.
Sportster Primary - Chain and clutch.
Got it all put together and ready to be buttoned up once I get the clutch cable (should be here this week).

The oil lines are routed and the starter is mounted.
Sportster Starter
Progress is being made but still a good bit to go. Going to start working towards getting her to run. Need to work out the ignition and exhaust… so much to do… Over the holiday I also did some fabrication of the sissy bar, I think it is looking great, another post on that to follow once it is further along.

I’ll update this post once I get the clutch cable and have the primary buttoned up. Getting there…


Got the clutch cable today, so the primary is buttoned up.
Sportster Primary Cover

The clutch lever I picked up from TC Bros looks great. Simple and clean.
Clutch Lever

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