Sportster Project Wiring…

Worked on wiring up the 1988 Sportster Project this weekend. Planned every thing out and got most of it wired up including all the switches and breakers. Added a keyed switch and start button to the aluminum side cover I made last weekend. Tested the starter relay, it works.

Here is a quick doodle I did on the garage whiteboard planning out my wiring diagram plan for the project.
Sportster Wiring Diagram Drawing
Not totally minimal, but not very complex either. Should have everything I want/need. I think I have decided not to use a kill switch (just going to use the key switch), I may change my mind on this, if I do decide to add a kill switch it will go between the 15 amp circuit breaker and the coil.

I spent a little time redrawing the wiring diagram on the computer so I would have a cleaner wiring diagram for future reference.
1988 Sportster Project Wiring Diagram
It’s pretty close to the stock wiring, just simplified a little with all the stuff that is not there yanked out. Only wires on the bars are for the front break switch. Not sure I need all those circuit breakers, but that is how it is set up stock – not trying to change the world, just trying to make it work. No gauges planned at this time, but if I add a speedometer in the future and need a light for it I can just tap off positive feed from the oil or neutral light.

Mounted the key switch and start button in the side cover I made.
Side cover ignition key and start button.
I think this is going to look great once I polish the side cover up.

I picked up a few 6-pin connectors to wire in the stuff going to the front (headlight, oil and neutral light, brake switch) and I have some 3-pin connectors for the stuff going to the rear (tail light – brake and running) just to make it easier to disconnect if I need to remove things.

Just for my future reference here is the pin-out of the front wiring connector.
Sportster Front Wiring Connector Pin-out
Looks nice and clean. Hope it works 🙂
Sportster front wiring connector
Got the circuit breakers all wired up as well. The 30 amp breaker between the battery and ignition key is on the left, the two center breakers are the 15 amp breakers for the ignition coil, indicator lights, and brake lights, the right breaker is the 15 amp breaker for the tail running light and the head light.
Sportster Circuit Breakers
Little bit of a rats nest, but I should be able to tuck it all in there nice – out of sight, out of mind.
Sportster Wiring
Put a meter across everything to make sure the is connectivity where there should be. Tested the different key positions, ignition and lights.

Ordered the Dynatek S Ignition System this weekend and it should be here later this week. Still need to pick up plugs, plug wires, oil filter, and the fluids. Need a battery as well but will probably just take the one out of the 1990 Sportster for now. Getting closer to trying to start her… maybe next weekend?!?!?

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