Shift linkage…

Hope everyone is staying safe and well. Been doing a little work on the bike as well as some other small projects around the house and garage. I picked up a cheap forward control kit on eBay. The kit is for a 1991-2003 Sportster so I knew it was not just going to bolt right up. Biggest issue was the rod for the shift linkage was about 2″ too short so I made a new one out of a piece of stainless steel rod and some other odds and ends.

I ordered a 5/16 x 12″ Stainless Steel Rod from Amazon.

I also picked up a 5/16 Heim Joint with 5/16-24 female threads (all the ones with the forward control kit had metric threads).

I cut 5/16-24 threads on both ends of the stainless steel rod.
Cutting threads on the stainless steel rod.
I had some pieces and parts from an old forward control set up to make up the shift linkage.
Sportster forward controls shift linkage
She shifts through the gears just fine.

Also picked up a different exhaust. Very cheap, extremely low quality, probably won’t last very long, but they look AWESOME!!!
Sportster chopper pipes
Couple steps closer.

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