Little bit of black paint…

Hope everyone is staying safe and well. Got the front fender and tank painted over past week and weekend. Nothing fancy just rattle can satin black. Prepared the tank and fender, hit them with some self-etching primer, then a few coats of satin black paint. Not going to win any trophies, but they don’t look too bad.

I got a pretty good deal on the King Sporty tank from Lowbrow Customs during their Black Friday sale. Before I started painting the tank I sealed the inside with a Kreem Tank Liner kit. On the last bike I used the KBS Tank Sealer kit. Both worked well but I thought the Kreem kit was a little easier to work with and coated better.

After it was sealed I cleaned it real good and sanded down the tool marks on the outside of the tank. There were a lot of tool marks on the raw steel tank. Took a bit work to get them sanded out smooth.
Sportster King Fuel Tank

Once the surface was nice and smooth, I hit it with a couple coats of rattle can self-etching primer.
Sportster Fuel Tank Rattle Can Primer

I wet sanded the primer coat then hit it with a few light coats of the rattle can satin black.
Sportster Fuel Tank Rattle Can Satin Black
Added an inexpensive J & P Cycles Black Steel Right Side Vented Gas Cap. Not perfect but it doesn’t look too bad and I am pretty sure it won’t rust.

The paint I am using is Krylon Fusion All-in-One Spray Paint, Satin Black.

I also picked up a J & P Cycles Narrow Front Fender. I tried to find a used front fender on eBay but all of them had been dipped in gold before they were dented up (prices were ridiculous IMHO). The J & P Cycles Narrow Front Fender was less than $40 and raw steel.

A little sanding and then a coat of self-etching primer.
Sportster Front Fender Primer
After the fender was primed, time for the satin black.
Sportster Fender Satin Black Rattle Can Paint

Got them mounted up on the bike and they look pretty awesome.
Sportster Tank and Front Fender Painted Satin Black

The old petcock I had in a box of parts leaked pretty bad. I had it on there with some gas in the tank long enough to start her up again. She started right up and ran great.
Sportster Project Getting Close to the Finish Line
New petcock and a few other odds and ends on the way. I have to finish up the wiring, get the rear fender and sissy bar painted, figure out how to mount up the headlight, and she should be ready to take for a spin.

Be safe and well everyone.

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