Skulls are cool…

I had other stuff I should have been working on, but this seemed like more fun. I had a piece of scrap aluminum laying around so I whipped out a quick Willie G Skull. Needs some more polishing but turned out pretty nice. I have no idea what I’ll use it for but I like it and skulls are cool.

Will probably just end up being a decoration on the wall. Maybe I’ll put a magnet on it and stick it on the garage cabinets or the fridge.

I printed out a picture from the Internets and attached it to the aluminum with some contact cement.
Willie G Skull - Template

Cut it out and filled down the edges.
Wille G Skull - Cut out of Aluminum

Cleaned it up and spent a few minutes polishing it (could use a lot more clean up and a whole lot more polishing).
Willie G Skull

Maybe in 100 years or so it’ll be worth something, like on those picker shows… it’s hand made, it will appeal to motorcycle collectors, it’s a nice piece of americana… is it for sale? Will you take a grand for it… hell yeah.

Anyway… it distracted me from other stuff I should have been working on and it looks pretty cool, so… WINNING!

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