Old School Seat…

A couple weeks ago I came across an Instagram post from @nitrofrankie_gofast_hd for an old school Harley Davidson Sportster King/Queen seat with an awesome eagle bar and shield on the backrest. Reached out to him and grabbed it.

Of course as soon as I received it I couldn’t get it out of the box fast enough to put it on the 88′ Sportster to check it out.
Old school king queen Harley Davidson Sportster seat.
Holy shit! I think it looks great on there, fits my sissy bar perfectly.

The seat was in pretty good shape except for a some damage at the top of the backrest.There are a few other small pin holes and it was dirty, but this big rip is the worst of it.
Pretty gnarly tear in the seat.
Originally I was just going to put a piece of tape on it and call it a day, but I decided to put a little more effort into it.

I picked up some Tear Mender fabric/leather adhesive and a vinyl/leather repair kit from Amazon.com
Fabric adhesive and vinyl or leather repair kit.

The vinyl/leather repair kit had some fabric backing to use for larger repairs. I worked this into the opening and trimmed up the loose ends on the rips.
Fabric backing from the repair kit.

I used the Tear Mender fabric/leather adhesive to attach the fabric backing to the area.
Fabric backing on the rip.
Looks a little better already…

A bunch of coats of the vinyl/leather repair to try to fill in the patch, it kind of looks like crap… definitely a 10 foot fix (looks better the further away you get).
Old school Harley Sportster seat repair.
I guess it looks better than just a piece of duct tape covering the rip. I’ll spend a little more time on it, probably a couple more coats of the vinyl/leather repair to try to even things out a bit, and a lot more buffing to get it smooth. I don’t expect it to look perfect, but I hope I can make it look better. The repair does seem to be pretty durable, it flexes fine with out cracking… I guess we will see.

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