Grips, Pegs, and License Plate Mount

The grandkids were here this past weekend, so I didn’t do a lot of work on the Honda Shadow. I did get a box of goodies from TJ Brutal Customs on Saturday. New grips, foot pegs, LED tail light, and the side mount license plate bracket. As usual TJB parts are great quality.

Box of Goodies from TJ Brutal Customs
TJ also included some nice swag – a TJB pint glass, some stickers, a bandana, a shop towel, and a couple boxes of nerds (not sure what the story is behind them).

I was off work on Monday so Azalea, my granddaughter, helped me tinker around a bit in the garage.

We put the new grips on, they look great!
TJ Brutal Customs Hand Grips

The TJ Brutal Customs Tenet Modular License Plate Bracket allows you to side mount the license plate either vertical or horizontal. I mounted the axle bracket for the vertical side mount.
TJ Brutal Customs License Plate Bracket
I have it on the left side of the bike right now, but due to the logistics of running the wires for the taillight it will probably be moved to the right side. I’ll try to figure out a way to wire it up, but I’ll probably end up moving it to the other side – it’ll be easier and cleaner looking.

Started to prep the tank to seal it. Hoping to get it finished and sealed later this week.

More to come… things are coming along…

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