Rear wheel and some other stuff…

Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend. I got a lot of stuff done around the yard, the grand babies came over to swim, and I spent some time tinkering in the garage. Spent a little time organizing some things and cleaning up the garage and lift. Got the rear tire mounted, disassembled the front and rear calipers to rebuild, and sealed the new gas tank.

Cleaned up the rear solid 16″ rim I had. I picked up a Shinko 777 tire for the rear wheel and it was delivered on Friday. I got it mounted on the rim. I like these Shinko tires, decent tires for a decent price. Have used them on several bikes now.
Shinko 777 Tire Mounted on the rear wheel.
Everything is spaced out like it should be and it looks right nice on there. The rear sprocket and chain are on the way so I should have that by the end of the week.

Disassembled the front and rear brake caliper so I can rebuild them. I was figuring the pistons would need to be replaced, but they are in good shape so just the caliper piston seals, dust covers, and I’ll put on new pads front and rear. Need to clean the calipers up a bit more, but they are in decent shape and ready to rebuild.
Disassembled the front and rear brake caliper
I had to destroy the rear caliper bolts to get them out, so a new set of rear caliper bolts is on the way as well. Hope to get the calipers rebuilt this week. Still have to find a front brake lever and master cylinder… still looking.

Picked up a KBS Tank Sealing Kit. Cleaned and prepared the tank to be sealed. First I used the cleaner from the KBS kit, then the rust blast etching, I let it dry (this is the key to doing it right, needs to be clean and dry before using the KBS tank sealer), and finally I sealed it up.
Preparing the tank for sealing.
The way the petcocks are set up on this tank made it really easy to drain off the excess tank sealant. Kept rotating it every 30 minutes or so all day yesterday just to make sure no excess (there wasn’t much, as I mentioned it was pretty easy to drain off) sealant pooled anywhere in the tank. Couldn’t get a good picture of the inside of the tank, but it is sealed so in a few days it will be ready for paint… then gas.

Put the headlight up there just to see how it looks.
Front Headlight
Still have to wire it up.

She is looking pretty good so far…
88 Sportster Front and Rear Wheels on the Lift
This week I hope to get the rear sprocket and chain on there, the brake calipers rebuilt and bolted on, and the hand grips/controls on there. Going to start working on the rear fender, going to try to save what was on there… it’s in rough shape but I think I can save it, we’ll see how it goes.

She runs, and she is getting close to being ready to ride. I made an appointment with DMV to get the antique plates for the bike, it is on August 10th. My goal is that I’ll have her on the road by then.

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