Getting a little sun…

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The 88 project got some time off the lift and out of the garage to soak up a little sunshine. My buddy Cory had an intake leak on his bike so I took the 1988 Sportster off the lift so we could get his up there to get that sorted out. Replaced the intake gaskets on Cory’s bike, it’s all fixed up and running right.

Other than getting the rear brake caliper on, the rear brake pedal hooked up, and the rear brakes bled I didn’t make much more progress on the project this weekend.
Crusty old rear brake caliper
Since she was out of the garage I took a couple of pictures of where she is at so far.
1988 Sportster off the lift for a bit
The new 8″ over fork tubes and that 21″ spoke rim on the front look fantastic on there me thinks.
1988 Sportster off the lift for a bit
Searching for a front master cylinder, hopefully I’ll find one or figure something out soon. Once I get the front brakes worked out it will probably be time to take her for a test ride. Going to try to get her painted this week.

She’s back on the lift now, we are getting closer…

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