Paint, Bright Green Rattle Can Paint…

If you have followed any of my other projects you have heard this from me before, I have paid good money for paint in the past… and screwed it up. It is because of this I am a rattle can fan. Typically I would go with flat black but for this bike I decided to go a different route. I don’t know for some reason as it started coming together it just seemed like it wanted to be bright… so neon green it is. Got the tank and fender painted, the headlight is wired in, the grips and hand controls are installed, and the front brake plumbed up and bled.

Hung the tank up and hit it with some primer, then some bright neon green rattle can paint.
Bright Green Rattle Can Paint Job
It’s not even close to a good paint job, but it is bright and doesn’t look too bad from 10 feet away. The bright green draws you attention away from some of the other crustiness, at least for a moment.
Bright green paint!!!
Petcock and fuel line is plumbed up. Put some fuel in the tank, no leaks!

Got the grips, throttle cable, and controls on there. Front brake master cylinder, brake line, and new pads – bled the front brakes and all is well.

Finished up the wiring for the headlight. We have lights, just the low beam… not going to wire in a switch for the high beam yet (probably never will).
Headlight, grips, cables, and brakes.
I used a wire nut to tie in the headlight wire from the circuit breaker to the wire on the headlight terminal. I want a future generation to open it up to replace the headlight bulb and say what kind of fucking hack job is this… just trying to pay it forward, you’re welcome.

Got all the old paint stripped off the rear fender and cleaned it up. Repaired a hole in the back of it by filling it with weld and then smoothing it out with some body filler.
Sportster Rear Fender - Stripped off the old paint.
Once it was all cleaned up I hit it with some nice bright green paint.
Fender Bright Green Paint
Just like the tank it looks pretty decent from 10 feet away.

Rattle can FTW! Why don’t I get a proper paint job??? Well cause I’ll just screw it up or worry about screwing it up.

Need to put the rear fender back together and I still need to wire up the tail lights. Won’t be long now…

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