Shadow Fuel Pump Delete

Removing the fuel pump to simplify the fuel delivery system on a my wife’s 1999 Honda Shadow VT750 ACE. The new TJ Brutal Customs peanut gas tank raises the fuel petcock well above the carburetors which will allow fuel to be gravity fed. Since the fuel pump is no longer needed it is getting DELETED!

The TJ Brutal Customs VT600 Custom Peanut Gas Tank is designed for a Honda VT600 VLX 88-07, but it only took a little tweaking of the rear mounting tab to make it work on the 1999 Honda Shadow. The location of the petcock on the custom tank is well above the carburetor fuel inlet, so there should be no issues removing the fuel pump and relying on gravity to get fuel into the carbs.

Since there is no filter screen in the tank or on the petcock so I added a K&N in-line fuel filter to help keep junk out of the carbs. I like these K&N Fuel Filters, they are small and do the job.

No issues so far. Starts, runs, and goes like it should. I saved the fuel pump in case we do have issues and need to add it back. I don’t think we will have any issues.

Until next time… Build. Tinker. Ride.

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