Hardtailing the 90 Sportster…

Going to hardtail the 1990 Sportster. I saw a bike in the parking lot at Willie’s Chopper Time Show down in Daytona this year that inspired me a bit. So… TC Bros had a great Black Friday deal on their weld-on Sportster Hardtail Kit. SURPRISE! It’s on the way.

Here is the Sportster parked at the chopper show that has given me the inspiration.
Nothing flashy, pretty simple, just a great looking bike.

When I saw the Black Friday sale at TC Bros I went ahead and ordered the hardtail kit. Been a bit since I have been excited about a project. Really looking forward to getting into it.

I don’t have the kit yet, I ordered theweld-on Sportster Hardtail Kit on Thanksgiving day and it shipped on Black Friday, tracking says I should have it on Monday. 🙂

I put the bike up on the lift and started stripping it down. Drained the fluids, removed the exhaust pipes and carburetor, removed the gas and oil tank, removed the rear fender and struts, got all the wiring out of the way, and loosened all the motor mounts. The motor is pulled.
Sportster Stripped Down Ready for the TC Bros Hardtail Kit
Ready to cut it up to hardtail. Need to clean things up a little bit, but still basically ready to cut. Really looking forward to this project.

Still have some stuff to think about… like the oil tank and battery box. I am planning to fabricate the battery box, but I’ll probably buy an oil tank. Just have to decided what I want to do. Did I mention I am really looking forward to this project. Going to be a blast!

Build. Tinker. Ride.

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