Sportster Hardtail Rear Brake Bracket…

Nothing spectacular here but a little bit of progress. I set up the rear brake bracket for the Sportster hardtail. Modified the stock bracket per the TCBros instructions. Drilled and tapped the support hole using the template provided. Then made sure everything fit.

I used an angle grinder with a cut off wheel to cut off the frame supports on the rear brake bracket.
Cutting and grinding rear brake bracket for Sportster Hardtail.
After cutting off a majority of the material, I used a grinder wheel and then a flap disc to remove the remain material till it was pretty much flush.

Once the swingarm tabs were cut off and grinded down, I used the template included with the instructions to center punch where the hole for the new support needed to be.
Using template to mark hole for brake bracket support.
Drilled the hole to 5/16″, starting with a 1/4″ bit, then a 5/16″ bit.

Tapped the hole with a 3/8″-16 UNC tap.
Drilled and tapped for 3/8"-16 UNC.
I think the bracket is cast aluminum. It was really easy to drill and tap.

I did a bit more grinding to get the contour and shape on the bracket the way I wanted them.

Tested the fit with the Heim joints and hardware included with the kit.
Tested the rear brake bracket fit using the hardware supplied in the kit.
Need to clean things up a bit, but everything fits as expected.

One step closer, but still a lot to do…

Build. Tinker. Ride.

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