Some finishing touches…

There is a old school Maltese Cross cut in the top motor mount on the frame. To match that I used a Maltese Cross Velocity Stack for the air intake. I made a side cover out of some scrap aluminum and decided to keep this theme going by etching a cross pattée matching the one on the frame into the side cover. I also did a paracord wrap on the frame just to clean it up a little.

I printed the image on the cross pattée Wikipedia page to make a stencil. I made a stencil out of some peel and stick scrapbooking adhesive vinyl and adhered it on the side cover where I wanted the cross etched.
Maltese Cross Vinyl Stencil
I used the blue painters tape just to make sure the edges where straight, don’t think it was really necessary.

I have a 5 amp 13.8 volt DC benchtop power supply I use to power my astrophotography set up which I used as a power source. Soaked a couple dozen q-tips in a mixture of salt and vinegar. Connected the positive power lead to the side cover and clipped the negative side to the soaked end of a q-tip. Then slowly dragged the q-tip around the area exposed through the stencil.
Maltese Cross Electrical Etching
The tip of the q-tip bubbled and smoked a bit while it is etching the aluminum. When it stopped bubbling I replaced the q-tip with a fresh one which had been soaking in the vinegar and salt mixture. I cleaned off the area after about every 4th q-tip.

Took about 30 minutes and 2 dozen or so q-tips, both ends, and this was the result.
Maltese Cross Etched in the Side Cover

Cleaned it up and mounted the side cover back on the bike.
Maltese Cross Etched in the Side Cover Mounted on the Bike

This is the first time I have tried etching metal and I am pretty happy with the results.
Maltese Cross Side Cover Etching
Looks great on the bike. I think I might also etch a Maltese cross into the ignition cover.

Another thing I did to clean things up a little is I took some paracord and wrapped the top of the frame between the gas tank and the neck.
Paracord wrap on frame
Nothing fancy but it looks pretty good. I was going to cover this area with some leather but the paracord is more functional, you never know when you might need some cordage. This wrap has several feet of paracord which can be easily unraveled for use.

The rear fender is on and the wiring is done. Just have to double check everything and she should be ready to go for a ride…

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