Compu-Fire HDE-1 Ignition Static Timing…

For the EVO project I am using the Compu-Fire HDE-1 Digital Electronic Ignition. I used this same set up on the 1990 Sportster Project, it was easy to set up and so far it works well. I decided to do something a little different here for this post and do a video of the static timing, or setting the timing with the engine stopped, of the Compu-Fire HDE-1 Electronic Ignition.

The Compu-Fire HDE-1 Ignition kit includes the ignition module and wiring, the trigger rotor, a socket head screw, a flat washer, terminal connectors, and a stack of small magnets (these are used to turn on/off the timing light in the module to static time the ignition).

Bike is on the lift and I already have the ignition module wired up on the bike. The red wire goes to one side of the coil (the side with the white wire from the wiring harness), the black wire goes to the opposite side of the coil, and the green wire goes to the VOES.
Compu-Fire HDE-1 Ignition Wiring Diagram from Instructions.

To get the engine to front cylinder top dead center (TDC), I removed the plugs, and rotated the engine till the TDC mark is centered in the timing hole. I verified that we were on the front cylinder based on the location of the pin key hole behind the ignition module, per the Compu-fire instructions.
Compu-Fire HDE-1 Ignition Front Cylinder TDC from Instructions.

Enough with the setup… you can watch the rest of the process…

Probably could retitle the video “Let’s see how many times I can drop the T-handle wrench” 🙂

The Compu-Fire HDE-1 Digital Electronic Ignition is really easy to set up. Hope the video was helpful.

One step closer to firing her up!

6 thoughts on “Compu-Fire HDE-1 Ignition Static Timing…

        1. Is it worth the money? I mean I think it is a decent ignition. The timing light on the ignition module will help you set the static timing, which will likely get you pretty close. You might still use a timing light to dial it in. Most ignition modules have a way to set the static timing, this one just has a built in light to assist with it.

  1. Did you have to purchase a separate Ignition Advance assembly? In addition to the Compufire ignition module? I have a 2001 sportster 1200 custom and the bike came with a screamin eagle 7500rpm module in the nose cone. Unfortunately it burned up so I purchased the compufire module (20100). Once it came in I read online that I needed a separate component known as the Ignition Advance assembly. I have no idea.

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