Having the proper tool for the job can save a ton of time and reduce frustration.

I am by no means a professional, I am learning as I go and I am acquiring tools as I need them. Post which contain information on the tools I have used for the different projects and tasks can be found in the Tools Posts Category.

Service and Repair Manuals


Used this tire iron set to mount the tires on the rims of the 1992 EVO Project.

This locking tool is used to lock the primary chain in place so you can loosen things up or tighten things down.

This kit was used to perform a compression test on the 1990 Sportster project. This was to troubleshoot why I could not get it running. Compression was good, turned out a bad ignition module was the issue which was keeping her from running.

This kit was used to remove the race from the transmission mainshaft so I could mount the new belt drive primary back plate.

The terminal tool is used to insert and remove pins from the connection terminals when wiring things up.

Crimping pins on wires to make connections when wiring things up. Took a little practice and patience to get the hang of it, but once I had the technique down it made short work of the wiring harness connections.

This tool is used to install the valve guide seals.

To install the valve spring keepers the springs must be compressed. This kit is used to compress the valve springs and install the keepers.

To knock the glaze off the cylinders I used this cylinder honing tool. Created a nice cross hatch pattern on the cylinders.

This kit is used to align the tappet blocks on the 1992 Evolution project to ensure the oil feeds line up correctly.

Lapping the valves ensures the valves seat properly to form a good seal. Pretty simple process.

This tool is used to pull the piston wrist pins. It also helped press them back into the piston.

There is a race for the steering neck bearing in the neck of the frame. This is the bearing race installer kit I used to get the steering neck bearing race installed.

Mainshaft lock nut socket. Used to remove or install the mainshaft lock nut.

Transmission drain plug was fowled up, the screw extractor removed it. As seen on TV thing, with mixed reviews, but it worked.