Springer FTW…

A little work on the 1992 EVO project over the weekend. Pressed the steering neck cups into the frame and mocked up the springer front end. Starting to look like a motorcycle now, and it looks pretty bad ass. Really like the look of a springer fork.

The steering neck cups need to be pressed into the neck of the frame. I used a piece of 1/2″ threaded rod, couple of 3″ x 3″ pieces of 3/16″ inch steel (which I had cut up for practicing my welds), some washers, and nuts to put together tool to accomplish this.

Then just used a couple of 3/4″ wrenches to tighten down on the nuts to press the cups into the neck of the frame.

The neck cups are pressed in. Just mocking things up right now so I am not installing the races and bearings.

Installed the springer front end. That went pretty easy but it did require a second set of hands, Sandy helped me get things set in place.

She’s got two wheels now.

Next couple things on the to do list is to fabricate the tank mounts, get the gas tank mounted, and get the rear wheel spacing right so I can get the rear fender on. Then I’ll be able to mock up the transmission, final drive, and motor.

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