She’s Alive! She’s Alive!

She started!!! I replaced the ignition system with a new module, sensor, rotor, and coil. Prior to replacing the ignition system I was getting a spark on both plugs but based on some youtube research; we had a spark, just not enough. Now she fires right up!

I picked up a Compu-Fire HDE-1 Digital Electronic Ignition from JP Cycles. The Compu-Fire kit has everything needed to replace the stock ignition module, ignition sensor, and rotor.

I also picked up a new J & P Cycles Ignition Coil.

So the full ignition system has been replaced.

Removed the timing cover and the old ignition sensor module. Disconnected the stock ignition module from the coil. Installed the new rotor, Compu-Fire Ignition module, and the new coil.

Installing the Compu-Fire Ignition and setting the static timing was pretty straight forward following the Compu-Fire instructions for the Elite 1 Ignition Module.

Rotate the engine until the top dead center timing mark is centered in the inspection hole.

With the battery connected to ground, attach the red wire from the ignition module to the positive battery terminal. I used a set of test lead alligator clips to do this. Loosen the standoff bolts so you can rotate the module. Rotate the module counterclockwise, to the full retard position, as far as it will go. Use the magnet, with the dot facing out, included in the kit to turn off the Front Cylinder TDC light on the module. Rotate the module clockwise slowly until the Front Cylinder TDC light turns on.

I repeated the static timing process a few times to make sure it was accurately set. Then I locked it down by tightening the standoff bolts.

Once the static timing was set I got everything wired up to the new coil.

The red wire from the Compu-Fire module replaces the white wire from the stock ignition module, the black wire replace the dark blue wire, and the green goes to the VOES.

Installed the plugs, the plug wires, the exhaust and the gas tank. Gave everything a good once over, turned on the gas, opened the choke, and… held my breath… and Sandy HIT THE BUTTON…

And… She started!!! She’s ALIVE!!!

Not only did she start, but she ran pretty well.

Woot! Woot!

Now to start working towards making her bad ass and getting her on the road…

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