Charge!!! Battery Charger Quick Connect…

Been a couple weeks since I fired up the 1988 Sportster. Went to fire her up to take her for a quick ride the other night and the battery was dead 🙁 Had to take the seat off to connect the charger so I decided to go ahead and install a NOCO quick connect so I can hook up the NOCO Genius Charger without having to remove the seat in the future (should have done this when I put her together, but I didn’t).

The NOCO GC002 X-Connect works with NOCO Genius Chargers. It attaches directly to the battery, it is about 24″ long, has a watertight cover, and it is fused. It allows you to have a permanent connection to the battery so you can just hook up to charge or maintain a charge on the battery.
NOCO Quick Connect Terminal
Pretty simple to install since I had the seat off anyway. When disconnecting the battery always disconnect the negative first, then the positive so you do not short the positive to ground (on the frame or wherever) with the wrench, when installing the battery connect the positive first then the negative.

Removed the battery strap and disconnected the battery terminals: first the negative (-) terminal, then positive (+) terminal. Install the NOCO X-Connect by connecting the red lead to the positive (+) terminal and then the black lead to the negative (-) terminal. Make sure everything is good and tight.
Noco Battery Charger Quick Connect
Ran the quick connect down behind the side cover and zip tied it to the frame so it is out of the way, but can still be easily accessed.
Noco Battery Charger Quick Connect
I have been using these NOCO Chargers for a good while now and I have a few of them. Looks like they have a new version of the Charger/Maintainer available now which is smaller with a few more features.
NOCO Genius 2 Battery Charger
Now I can put her on the NOCO charger without having to remove the seat.

Replaced the seat and connected her up to the charger and after a few hours. Having the quick connect installed on the battery will make this a lot easier in the future and I can keep her on the charger when I know I am not going to be able to ride her for awhile. She is all charged up and ready to ride again.

She runs great and is cool as they come (IMHO but I am somewhat biased). I need to get a coat of paint on the sissybar and get to the DMV to get some plates…

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  1. Trying to offload my old 1988 1200XL Sportster on a custom swedish chopper frame (8 over front end). Looking at your site seems right up your restoration ally. Fully titled and left the VIN on the neck as well. Hate to junk it… Annapolis, MD. Will send you some pics if you’re interested. Jon.

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