Battery Tray Mount Repair…

On this 88 Sportster both of the mounts on the oil tank which the battery tray bolts to are broken. Forney Easy Weld 140MP to the rescue! Removed the oil tank, cleaned it up, and did a piss poor job of welding on the broken mounts for the battery tray to the oil tank.

Cleaned up the back of the oil tank and prepared the areas which need to be welded up. Used a set of vice grips and some magnets to hold everything in place.
Battery Tray Mount Repair

My welds look terrible, but I am pretty confident they will hold. Cleaned them up a little bit – just a little bit since you won’t be able to see them anyway (one day someone will pull this oil tank, maybe me, and say who the hell did that). Hit them with some black paint just to keep down the rust.
Battery Tray Mount Repair

Mounted the oil tank and battery tray back on the bike. Everything fits as it should and you can’t even see my shitty welds.
Battery Tray Mount Repair
You can see a place on top of the primary where the battery tray was resting and rubbing when the mounts were broken. Shouldn’t have that issue anymore.

The oil tank had a crusty chrome cover on it which was attached with a bunch of adhesive. Got mostly all of the adhesive cleaned up and was able to preserve the cool Aerosmith pinstriping which was under the crusty chrome cover.
Aerosmith Pinstriping on the Sportster Oil Tank
Glad I could save this. Like I said in the post where I discovered this it is definitely not my style or something I would have had done, but it is cool and I am glad I was able to preserve it.

Reconnected all the oil lines and another thing is checked off the list. Now to start wiring her up…

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