How Fast is Fast…

I know a speedometer is not very chopper, but… I thought I was going to be ok with out knowing how fast I was going. After a few rides I am just not that badass. I picked up a basic mini speedometer kit and a speedometer drive to install on the 1988 Sportster. Pretty easy to install. Remove the front wheel and the axle spacer, install the speedometer driver on the axle and install front wheel, mount the mini-speedometer, and attach the cable.

The JP Cycles basic mini speedometer kit comes with a mini-speedometer, a 47″ cable, and a mounting clamp.
JP Cycles Mini Speedometer Kit

The speedometer is 2:1 ratio and this is the front wheel 2:1 speedometer drive which has the correct spacing for the 1988 Sportster.
JP Cycles Stock Replacement Speedo Drive Unit

The speedometer drive replaced the .940 axle spacer I had on the left side of the front wheel.
Sportster Front Wheel Speedometer Drive
The mini-speedometer kit came with a 47″ speedometer cable, which with the 6″ over fork tubes is almost a perfect length. Mounted the speedometer on the handle bars with the included clamp.
Sportster 2:1 Mini-Speedometer
I still need to wire up the back light but the speedometer is on there and works great.

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