Interior LED Accent Lighting for the Jeep

I installed a set of inexpensive floorboard LED accent lights in my 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL. Alright I’ll admit this is a bit silly and provides no practical value at all, but… I think they look pretty cool and the light kit is an easy inexpensive afternoon project to keep me busy.

I picked up the interior LED accent light kit on Amazon for less than $35. The kit comes with four 9″ LED light tubes. Each of the light tubes are individually connected to a controller with about 5′ feet of wiring. The controller can be hardwired in to a 12 volt source or it comes with a cigarette lighter adapter. The kit also includes some wire ties, some screws, and some double sided tape for different mounting options. There are also some basic instructions for installation.

Since the interior LED accent light kit is a universal kit there are no instructions for specifically how to mount the lights in a Jeep. You pretty much just have to figure out what is going to work best for you.

I tested the light kit using the cigarette lighter adapter and verified everything worked as expected. Used the mode button on the controller to change through the different colors and modes. I think the purple is the coolest.
Interior Accent LED Lights
Then I ran each of the light tubes to where they would live, one on the passenger side, one on the driver side, and two in the rear under each of the front seats. After they were in their new homes, I plugged them into the cigarette lighter to test them again. Everything still worked so I mounted the light tubes in there new homes using the supplied wire ties.

For the rear ones, which are under the front seats, I checked the wire length with the seats all the way forward and all the way back to make sure there was enough slack and to make sure nothing gets pinched when adjusting the seats. I used a couple of extra wire ties to keep them out of the way. I tucked all the wires under the center console, they are out of sight and it looks nice and clean. I coiled up, wire tied, and tucked the excess wiring under the carpet on the passenger side.

I am wiring the lights into one of the factory auxiliary switches and the controller has a way to set it up for powering on from direct 12 volt power instead of using the on/off button on the controller. Pretty simple to set up, with the power off just hold down the mode button for 3 seconds to put it into direct power mode.
Jeep LED Floorboard Lights
I connected the lights to the factory Aux 3 switch which is the orange wire in the switch wiring tucked under the passenger side below and behind the glove box. Connected the red wire from the controller to the orange wire in the harness with a simple butt connector with heat shrink. There is a bolt under the carpet which provides a good ground, I put an eyelet connector on the controllers black wire and connected it to the ground. The lights come on with a press of the auxiliary switch. I left the control box accessible so the mode can be changed but it can easily be tucked under the carpet out of sight.
Interior Accent LED Lights Control Box
The control box is on the passenger side. It is out of the way and not really noticeable. I may put a piece of double sided tape behind it just to keep it from getting tugged on.

This floorboard LED accent light kit has pretty much everything you need (I had to add a few extra wire ties), is inexpensive, and is easy enough to install without making any permanent modifications (drilling, cutting, etc). The light kit is cheap enough that if things stop working you just yank it out and replace it.
Jeep Wrangler LED Floorboard Lights
Nice easy inexpensive just for fun afternoon project, took about an hour and a half to install. The only tools you really need is a cutter to cut the excess off the wire ties and what ever you need to hardwire it in (connectors, crimpers, heat gun), if you decide to do that. Take your time and it’ll come out great. Pretty neat looking. Bright enough to see during the day, but they look really cool at night. I am sure the grandkids are going to get a kick out of them.

There are a number of videos you will find on YouTube for installing these inexpensive interior LED accent lights but I thought this one was better than most.

AdventureDex has a bunch of other interesting Jeep mods on his channel and his videos are very entertaining.

Build. Tinker. Ride.

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