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I got a new ride! It is a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Sport. Has more wheels than what I usually post here but it is my first new car ever and I am pretty excited about it.

The 2011 Toyota 4 Runner I bought used 7 or 8 years ago was getting a little long in the tooth. No serious problems, just a lot of miles, some dents and dings, mostly just age. It really had been a great vehicle, but I was ready for something different. I started doing a little research on what my next 4-wheeler would be. I was actually looking for another used car. Had to be an SUV and had to be 4-wheel drive so we can drive it on the beach. I just couldn’t find anything in the years (2017 or newer) I wanted without a ton of miles on it already. The ones I did find that came close to meeting the criteria; well the price delta was not much different than what I could get a new one for so I started looking at new as well.

While online browsing the inventories at the area dealerships I happened across this 2020 Jeep Wrangler Sport at Southern Chrysler Jeep in Chesapeake. Looked at it a bunch, did a bunch of comparing with the new 4Runners. This Jeep had all the features I was interested in: 4 door (have to make sure there is plenty of room for Azalea), 4 wheel drive, tow package, tech package, plenty of cargo room, hard top… I decided to go take it for a test drive… really liked it, my wife really liked it, and so did my granddaughter Azalea. Now now it is mine.
2020 Jeep Wrangler Sport
Had the dealership add the running boards as part of the deal, I think it looked unfinished without them (like they forgot to bolt something on). There are a couple of other minor cosmetic things I want to add to it, but I’ll wait till I am a few payments in.

Azalea really wanted a yellow one. She is alright with this one though and she got a new hat out of the deal (so did granddad).

She still likes the wife’s Wrangler better.

We’ve put a couple hundred miles on it now since we picked it up and I like it even more. I travel a lot by car for work, my vehicle is an extension of my office (the reason I wanted the tech package and the hard top). This Jeep is going to be a lot of fun to travel in. Looking forward to when I can get back out to visiting my customers.

Now that I have a car payment to budget for it may slow down the purchasing of parts for my bike projects… nah probably not.

Stay safe out there!

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