Showing the Street Glide a little love…

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend. The weather here was fantastic, the whole weekend was near perfect. Sandy and I rode quite a bit this weekend, nothing fancy just around the back roads of southeastern VA and northeastern NC. I also took some time to do a couple of minor upgrades to the Street Glide: replaced the stock whip antenna with 7″ antenna, and replaced the turn signals with LEDs from Rogue Rider Industries.

The stock whip antenna on the Street Glide is 33″ long. It works fine but it can get in the way, especially when you have things packed on the rear rack, so I decided to replace it. I replaced it with a 7″ Flexible Antenna that I found recommended in a forum (can’t remember which one otherwise I would link it).

The short antenna is in-expensive (less than $25 delivered) and installs simply by unscrewing the stock antenna and screwing on the new antenna. Here is a picture of it on the bike.
Short Antennae installed on the 2014 Street Glide
Definitely much less intrusive than the stock antenna. I did not “notice” any loss of reception. Not saying there was not any, just none that I noticed. We road up through Waverly, Surry, and Smithfield and I had no issues with picking up the stations I normally listen to. It seems to work fine and looks great.

Monday while Sandy and I were out riding my new LED turn signals from Rogue Rider Industries (RRI) were delivered. It was a bit of a surprise to find them on the front porch when we got home with Monday being a holiday and all.

There are a lot of LED turn signals out there, and I did a lot of looking around. Originally I was planning to use Custom Dynamics ProBEAM LED Turn Signal Conversion Kit but I decided on the Rogue Rider Industries Black Label Sigz based on the reviews and the cost/value. From RRI you can order just the lights or they will match them up with lenses, I went with the smoked lenses. RRI also offers a military/veterans discount, if you are a vet check out their Military Support page for details.
RRI Black Label Sigz LED Turn Signals and Smoked Lenses.
The instructions that were included with the RRI lights were well written and easy to follow. The Black Label Sigz are plug and play, just remove the lenses, remove the 1157 bulb, install the Sigz LED in the stock socket, and replace the lenses.

The RRI Black Label Sigz front signals have running lights which are bright white and when the turn signal is activated they blink bright amber.
Front RRI LED Turn Signals Installed

The RRI Black Label Sigz rear signals are a bright red for running lights and then a brighter red when the brake or turn signals are activated.
Rear RRI LED Turn Signals Installed

I did not need a load equalizer on my 2014 Street Glide but I did have to run the process for the BCM to learn the new LED lights on the Street Glide. The process is simple and included in the RRI instructions: turn on the ignition switch, activate the 4-way flashers, turn off the ignition and let the flashers run for 3 minutes, turn on the ignition, turn off the 4-way flashers, turn off the ignition, and she is ready to go.

A great weekend for riding and tinkering on the bike. Hope everyone was able to get out there and enjoy it. Biketoberfest is just around the corner, Sandy and I are going to ride down to Florida regardless of whether the event is “officially” on or not. Going to get the bike ready over the next couple weekends: fluid change, brake fluid flush, and a few other things but for now it’s back to work.

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