Front wheel…

The tube for the front tire showed up yesterday afternoon so Cory stopped by last night and we got the tire mounted and put the wheel on the front end. The new 8 over fork tubes and 21″ spoke wheel look real nice on the front of this bike.

The wheel is a Harley Davidson OEM 21″ spoke wheel I had from a box of stuff I got with the frame for the previous 88 Sportster project. There wasn’t really anything wrong with the mag that was on there (other than it needs new bearings), but I had this spoke wheel (with good bearings) and just thought it would look better on there. I cleaned it up, put on a new rim strip, picked up a new tube, and a Shinko 270 series tire for it.
21" Front Wheel
Cory helped me mount the tire and tube. It holds air like it should.

The 21″ spoke wheel looks really good on the front. Makes the front end just a tad taller and give it narrower look.
Sportster Front Forks and Wheel
Replaced the front brake rotor but I still have to rebuild the front brake caliper. Little bit of anti-seize on the front axle, it slid right in and everything spaced out like it should.

The 8″ over fork tubes, the fork boots, and the 21″ wheel give this front end a really good look (if you ask me). Probably will not end up running a front fender, but we’ll see.
Sportster Front Forks and Wheel
You can see the old 19″ mag wheel in the background of the picture above. The garage and lift are a mess. Really need to get things cleaned up… I’ll get to it.

Now I need to figure out what to do for the rear end. I know I am replacing the belt final drive with a chain so I have to find a rear sprocket. I have a solid Fatboy style rim I think I am going to use for the back wheel. She is coming together…

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