HogWorkz Street Glide Lower Fairings…

I did a video on the YouTube channel a long time back but for some reason this post has been setting in my drafts folder… dummy. I picked up a set of HogWorkz lower fairings for the Street Glide a while ago. The lower fairings are color matched to the black denim paint on the bike, the lowers are good quality, nice fit and finish, and look great on the bike. The only thing I dislike are the cheap plastic snaps on the glove boxes… so I fixed that.

The installation of the lower fairings went without issue. Below is a video of the installation of the right side. Took a about an hour to install both the left and the right lower fairing.

As I mentioned I am not a fan of the plastic snap retainers for the glove box covers, they don’t seem to hold very well and I am sure the cover will end up down the highway somewhere.

I replaced the plastic snap fasteners with a set of stainless steel snap fasteners. Way more better. Have had the lowers on for a few thousand miles now. I have not had any issues with the glove box covers coming off, not sure that would have been the case if I had kept the plastic snaps.

Build. Tinker. Ride.

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