New to Me Transmission…

I picked up a used 5-speed transmission off eBay which came out of a 1990 Harley Softail Custom. It should work just fine for this project. The transmission was mostly complete, except for some parts of the clutch pushrod, and it seems to be in pretty good shape. Shifts through the gears, mainshaft looks good, drain plug is stuck and stripped, needs to be cleaned up (it is really dirty) – but overall appears to be solid.

The transmission drain plug was stuck and stripped. I have run into this before and was able to work it out, but this one was stubborn and really screwed up. I soaked it down with penetrating oil and let it set overnight, tinkered with it a bit but no luck. Decided to try one of those cheap screw extractors, it took some patience and a couple of tries (drill slow), but a bit to my surprise the damn thing actually worked.

Stuck and stripped transmission drain plug removed 🙂 Threads in the transmission trap door look to be ok so I should be able to just replace the plug and all will be well.

Like I said other than the drain plug and it being extremely dirty the transmission seems to be in pretty good shape. It will get cleaned up, some new seals and gaskets, a new drain plug, and some new hardware.

I was still debating whether to do a belt of chain for the final drive. I have decided the final drive will end up being a chain, the budget may take a little hit to make that happen, but it is the look I want. Got a while before we get to that though.

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