Gas Tank Painted…

Broke out the rattle cans again over the Memorial Day weekend and I got the gas tank painted. Turned out just as nice as the oil tank and fender.

Sanded and cleaned the tank really good, then worked on the underside first. Hit it with a few coats of self-etching primer.
Gas Tank Underside Primed

Then put on a few coats of flat black enamel.
Gas Tank Underside Few Coats of Flat Black
Looks glossy but dries to a nice flat finish. Let it dry overnight, then flipped it over and did the top side. First a few of coats of the self-etching primer.
Gas tank topside primed
Let the primer dry for about 30 minutes, then hit it with a few coats of flat black.
Gas tank topside flat black
After a few hours it dries to a nice flat black finish.

The gas tank is sealed and painted.

Also made a fair bit of progress on the wiring, but that’s another post…

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