Sunday Afternoon Ride…

Sunday was warm but cooler and less humid than it has been. A great day for a ride. Back to work tomorrow after a week off and I had some things I should have done around the house, but it was just too nice of a day to not go for a ride.

Sandy and I jumped on the Street Glide and headed out 58 West towards Emporia. We passed through Courtland which, at least along 58, is pretty tore up from a tornado caused by Hurricane Isaias earlier in the week, some of it pretty bad thankfully no one was hurt there. We picked up 301 North in Emporia and then I-95 North to 40 towards Waverly. From Waverly down 460 back towards Suffolk then over to 10 at Kings Fork to hit the Wawa for a couple Mochas. Then back home.
Sunday Ride
Nothing too fancy, just a nice ride on a nice day. Everything we didn’t do was waiting for us when we got home, it’ll get done…

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